kay_greatness (kay_greatness) wrote,

Art for Reverse Bang 2013!

Title: A Pirate's Life for Me
Artist: Me (kay_greatness)
Rating: G
Medium: Digital art, 7 pieces.
Pairing(s): McShep
Notes: The story partner for this art is below by paleom, which everybody should read! Thanks so much for being my author! :)

Check out paleom's story here at A03!

Title: A Pirate's Life
Author: paleom
Rating: G
Pairing(s): John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Warning(s): None
Summary: The year is 1773 and Pirate Captain John Sheppard just gatecrashed a jailbreak, but that means he now owes the enigmatic blue eyed stranger a favour. He just doesn't realise the trouble one favour can gleen. (Entry for SGAReverseBigBang, inspired by the art work entered by Kay_Greatness)
Tags: mcshep, sga
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Lovely manips :)
These are so fun! I love Teyla in the hat, Ronon looks like he's ready to plunder some treasure, and John/Rodney is just pure love.
A great set of images, can't wait to read the story they inspired! :-D
They look great !! Lucky I hadn't described Ronon except for the trousers because I hadn't seen that outfit at all, but it looks good. His curves are very curvy though *grin* Sure I can slip that in. Like the cuffs on John's jacket too - does make it more pirate. I hadn't been able to see that detail on the square image I had with map.

I like the last image of the ship too - see this as them stealing into Koyla's lair. In my head Jeannie is in a yellow and lace ladies dress, just visiting. A lady of the day rather than Pirate garb. Teyla also looks great, they all do, Great work. I think Ronon looks the most striking though. (Also I want a waistcoat JUST like that!!!)

Right, better get back to writing. Thanks for some great art.


These are fantastic! Hubby laughed too, when I showed him :) LOVE Ronon looking menacing, and crazy scruffy Rodney.
-OMG, gorgeous work! *_*
John in this pirate outfit?


*fans self*

Love these so much!
Wonderful art, I love the outfits too.
Oh my god, these are gorgeous. I can't stop looking at them, wow. Everyone looks so attractive and the manips so clean and *real*

*stares some more*
Wow! These are just fantastic! \o/
Very cool! I love John and Ronon the most, but they're all super cool!
;;;flails;;; oh my heart - <3 <3 <3 <3 All of it just ..yes! god, the black leather, bewhiskered Rodney, gorgeous Teyla and oh the expression on Ronon's face !!

*will try to manage coherency later*
They came out great!
A lovely set of pictures.