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Art Post for Velocitygrass' Parisian Echoes!

So, here's the art that I did for Velocitygrass' lovely story Parisian Echoes, an RPF sequel to A Saturday in Paris! It's awesome. Everyone should check it out!

Check out Parisian Echoes at A03!
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McShep
Author: [personal profile] velocitygrass
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Joe never quite forgot the day he spent having sex with a young Canadian back in Paris, but it still takes a photo for him to recognize his co-star as that young man. The pleasurable memories of that day resurface, and when his wife explicitly tells him she doesn't mind, Joe sees no reason not to recreate some of the memories with David. It's only after some time that Joe realizes that he's breaking one particular rule of his wife: Don't fall in love.

Parisian Echoes

Pairing/Rating: McShep, G
Format: Two pieces digital art, one being a GIF, and two GIF icons.

with 2 (pretty rough)GIF icons.

Tags: mcshep, sga
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