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Art Post for Velocitygrass' Parisian Echoes!

So, here's the art that I did for Velocitygrass' lovely story Parisian Echoes, an RPF sequel to A Saturday in Paris! It's awesome. Everyone should check it out!

Check out Parisian Echoes at A03!
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McShep
Author: [personal profile] velocitygrass
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Joe never quite forgot the day he spent having sex with a young Canadian back in Paris, but it still takes a photo for him to recognize his co-star as that young man. The pleasurable memories of that day resurface, and when his wife explicitly tells him she doesn't mind, Joe sees no reason not to recreate some of the memories with David. It's only after some time that Joe realizes that he's breaking one particular rule of his wife: Don't fall in love.

Parisian Echoes

Pairing/Rating: McShep, G
Format: Two pieces digital art, one being a GIF, and two GIF icons.

with 2 (pretty rough)GIF icons.

Tags: mcshep, sga
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Wow. As always, your art is awe inspiring. Those icons...♥___♥
Aw, that's so nice. :) Thanks!
You're very welcome!
Beautiful pieces!
Thanks! :)
These are absolutely beautiful!

The kisses are just mesmerizing. I watch them and my mind drifts off to what they're doing just like Joe's mind goes back to that day in Paris again and again once he recognizes David. In that moment the memories of that day turn Joe's current life upside down even if he denies it for so long. The gate ties it beautifully together both as a symbol for the SGA set where Joe and David meet again and as the gate that once activated allows you to go places where didn't imagine going.

The second illustration is stunning too. I love the clear line that separates Joe and David even as the two of them are joined in a single figure at the center. The contrast wonderfully illustrates the different places Joe and David are coming from when they start this. The images of them further evoke the emotional difference: Where Joe looks more casual, David seems to force a smile that doesn't quite make it onto his face. Where Joe is more cool with the situation, David is overpowered by what surrounds him just like he's unable to handle Joe's offer in any way but accepting it no matter what the cost. The two lines of text complete the picture perfectly. Joe thinks he's following the rules, but in the end his love for David is larger than everything else and he succumbs to this love just like David did pretty much from the beginning. Even little details underscore the theme, like the scratches in Joe's more organized background, whereas David's background lacks such easily visible details, making his side of the story more inscrutable both for the reader and Joe.

Thanks so much for these wonderful pieces of art!
Oh wow those two GIF icons are brilliant.