kay_greatness (kay_greatness) wrote,

SGA Reversebang art, here and now.

Title: Never Gonna Give You Up
Artist: Me ([personal profile] kay_greatness)
Rating: G
Pairing(s): McShep!
Notes: This was done for [community profile] sgareversebang, so there is an awesome story partner for this piece available below by [personal profile] busaikko, who worked really, really hard and did an amazing job. Thanks so much for being my author! :)

Check out [personal profile] busaikko's story here at A03!

Title: Able to Fly on the AO3
Author: [personal profile] busaikko
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal)John was murdered as a child; this happens offscreen but is discussed in the story; John and Rodney are 12 when the story starts, but full legal by story's end.
Length: (25,344 words)
Summary: Magical AU (with Stargates). Rodney buys a haunted comic book when he's 12 and discovers a best friend; but will he sacrifice his future – and John's afterlife – to make John real?
Tags: mcshep
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