kay_greatness (kay_greatness) wrote,

Some McShep.

I'm extremely fond of fonts, and I also believe that Rodney and John are the best boyfriends ever. I think the following entry makes that clear.

Pairing: Why, McShep, of course. :)
Rating: G
Summary: John thinks about how he would really like to kiss Rodney. Very short fic in the form of art. Done for sga_smooch.

Also in purple.

Tags: mckay/sheppard, mcshep, sggay
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I just love this, Mandy! So cute!! And I love John in it!
This is a fantastic, creative idea :D I love it!
Thanks! Now I'm thinking about all of my favorite fan fictions that should have one. :)
I love this!
This is really neat!
Very cool! :-D
Very creative, it would make a great poster.
I love fonts and John and Rodney kissing and I really love how you put the two together :D
Thanks! (I love those things, too!)
This is so great! :D
What a lovely idea! Hope there's more! :)
So nifty! I love this, especially the little area around the lightbulb. I'm a font whore too. *happy sigh*